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Several new Webs include protected areas for client administration of content, personalization, and newsletters.
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 PREMIERE! The ASP Norge Web-site has just been published:

The present design lays the groundstone for a very advanced personalized, forum-based Web-site.

 visit ASP Norge

The site is about ASP - "Application Service Provider" - services. A better name for this technology would probably be "Server Based Computing". This dictated a light and minimal design.


The streamlined interface for newsletter subscription.

An advanced interface for member forums administration.

  • Client: ASP Norge
  • Published: January -00
  • Responsibility: TOTAL, + new company logo
  • Main technology: ADO
  • Best with: IE4+, NN4+


 NEW! The XCARTA Web-site is still in Beta:

XCARTA may turn up to be the missing tool in End-User Web-publishing. XCARTA is the first 2nd-generation tool in this highly competitive arena.

 visit XCARTA

At this time, this site is "Under Construction", only the Norwegian version consists of more than the front page. Content will, of course, be filled interactively by XCARTA in at least 8 language versions...

  • Client: OmniTree ASA
  • Published: November -99
  • Responsibility: Design, Code, New XCARTA logo
  • Main technology: DHTML, CSS
  • Best with: IE4+, NN4+


 NEW! "AIRMED 2000 is an aeromedical world congress for both helicopter and fixed wing operations, covering the operational, legal, medical, technical and administrative aspects of the air ambulance operations. To be held in Stavanger, Norway June 2000."

 visit AIRMED 2000

This is exciting; Behind the clean business-to-business design lurks a technologically very advanced site.

The public part of the site is very information-oriented. The password-protected part, however, is much more.

This is a complete
Web application.

Aimed at congress pre-flight work, the application provides:

  • Congress-papers may be submitted for approval by anyone. Submitted papers may be judged and scored by congress committee members interactively.
  • Committee members may discuss any submitted paper with other members.
  • The Web Administrator manages all content, Web access rights, and committee memberships via the Web.

Please contact me for a Web demo.

  • Client: AIRMED 2000
  • Published:
    September -99
  • Responsibility: TOTAL
  • Main technology: HTML, CSS, ASP, ADO, RDS

 US version  

 NEW! I am proud to present PHOENIX HOUSE HAGA: A drug rehabilitation center based on the therapeutic community idea.

 visit Phoenix House Haga...

This site has both the contents and the looks. The illustrations fit the content perfectly.

  • Client:
    Phoenix House Haga
  • Published: January -99
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: DHTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP

 Norwegian version  

 IMPROVED! TEAMPRO sell software volume licenses in the Norwegian market:

 visit TEAMPRO

There are lots of contents here - mostly in the form of hard facts: Legal Microsoft license contracts and extensive price lists.


The E-commerce solution with more than 3000 software licenses in stock.

The streamlined interface for newsletter subscription.

  • Client: Teampro AS
  • Produced: April -99
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: CSS, ASP, ADO
  • Best with: IE3+

 US English version  Dual version  

In other projects
there is no responsibility for the total site design. The focus is on a more restricted - and often more advanced - area. Client scripting, server programming and information design are typical challenges.

 Rebis I have an independent contractor agreement with REBIS , makers of Industrial Workgroup Software, on advanced Web technology consulting. Focus: Advanced DHTML and ASP.

 Gyldendal Rettsdata I do regular consulting work for Gyldendal Norsk Forlag and their RETTSDATA project. Focus: Advanced client-side scripting.

 TV3 I played a not insignificant part in the initial project phase of the Norwegian TV3-site. Most of my work was on the non-public part of the site aimed at professional media journalists. Focus: Database publication and information design.

The VERTIKAL Web-site was done for NORDISK HELSE ASSISTANSE. The product is about private health insurance - a much debated topic in social-democratic Norway.

 visit Nordisk Helse Assistanse

Clean design
Easy navigation.

 Norwegian version  

HEY'DI: This company is highly branded and a market leader in Norway on building materials.

 visit HEY'DI

There is more to come... Right now, this is only a starter.

  • Client: HEY'DI AS
  • Published: April -99.
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: Plain HTML, CSS, ASP

 Norwegian version  

 NEW! This site is a "Dream-Job": Being a photographer myself, it was a must to put together the Web-site for my non-marital marital partner: Photographer TRINE GJØSUND.

 visit Trine Gjøsund, Photographer

The approach is minimalistic: Let the pictures speak.
Almost no text and very clear navigation.
But let the mouse roll over any picture...

 US version  

The Advertising Robot belongs to The Norwegian Hall of Web-fame.
It was made for SLB INTERACTIVE in early 1997 (Rune Glad did the illustrations and the visual design).

 visit The Ad Robot

This is a FUN-ROBOT. It does illustrate how advertising should NOT be done: Just answer a series of questions on target groups and branding - Your own advertising for your own brand is generated automatically.

  • Client: SLB Interactive
  • Published: March -97.
  • Responsibility: Code
  • Illustrations: Rune Glad
  • Main technology: Javascript, ASP, ADO

 Norwegian version  

Win.HLP is a major Norwegian player in Windows programming and consulting.

 visit Win.HLP

This site has a very special design special:
All pages scroll horizontally.

  • Client: Win.HLP
  • Published: November -97
  • Updated: September -98
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: Javascript, ASP

This design is no longer public, the link above points to a history version.

 Norwegian version 

My job for TELENOR BEDRIFT in 1997 was marketed by the client as
"The world's first virtual job interview".
Via interactive video  and traditional job application questions you will get the chance to land a job with the major Norwegian telecommunications actor.

 visit the virtual job interview

The site design is by SLB Interactive, the technical design is ©TERJE.ENGE - all made in four(!) days(nights)..... Of course, the site stayed in its infancy. With funding, I might complete the concept: You will be interviewed by your potential, future boss. You might be able mail the results of your interview directly to her.

  • Client: SLB Interactive
  • Published: September -97
  • Responsibility: Code
  • Main technology: ASP with Interactive Video streaming
  • Requires: VXtreme video plugin

 Norwegian version 





"DnB Telebank for Windows" (1993-96).
The first European Windows-based program for Telebanking. A success.

Screenshot: DnB Telebank for Windows

"NIT Styleguide" (1994) and "DnB DUG" (1995). Software styleguides based on the Microsoft Help system, aimed at corporate developers.

"DnB Multikonto" (1994-96):   Bank accounts maintenance program aimed at the enterprise level.

All projects included both project and product responsibility.


Informal CV:
(Download the formal version)

Master in Cybernetics and Social Communications, I've had a love/hate relationship with computers since 1969. Even main-frames with punch cards as their only interface was able to screw my life up:

The result was that 12 years later I took 15 years "off", first as a multivision producer then a commercial photographer. This time, the result was love-hate with no hate. Plus a solid commercial success. (my photos: )

Clients included:
Thorn-EMI, Braathens SAFE, Diners Club, Philips, Jordan, Volkswagen, Storebrand, Toshiba, Statoil, Shell, Coca-Cola, DFDS, Stena Line

I got my own personal(!) computer in -87. The result was that three years later I returned to software development with AnotherLAB - the first Expert System to offer complete control to photographic color printing. The result was a head-on start with early Windows programming (but no sales!).
(AnotherLAB: )

In -93 I met Rana (Win.HLP )... The result was three years with  advanced Windows programming and interface design - this time for major Norwegian companies.

In -97 I started (and ended) SCREEN design. Although the services were non-plus, it did not work out: Low marketing, low funding, high burnrate were some of the reasons.
But I was left with invaluable experience in both business and project management.

Today: When asked for a title I always supply "ID" :

  • Information,
    Independent ...
  • Designer,
    Doctor ...

Seems like I look like a Web-Look-Alike ...


All around the world, people are going to meetings, sitting down with people they've never met - people who have been working together for months, not years - trying to figure out what to do about their web site. They know they must put together a team to make their site or make it better, while pleasing upper management and the webmasters, brandmasters, and contentmasters who must make it all happen. Above all, they must please the visitors who come to the site. And they must do all of this in less than three months.
David Siegel


Download CV:
(The Formal version)

WIN 95/98/NT-users with MS Word may download the CV in Word format:

MS Word-97, ZIP-fil,
53KB (kun WIN 9X/NT)

MS Word-97, ZIP file,
56KB (WIN 9X/NT only)

To use the ZIP file you need a Zip-extractor: WinZIP is available almost for free here:  
Everyone may view the CV in Adobe Acrobat format:

Adobe Acrobat, 31kB

Adobe Acrobat, 32kB

To view the PDF file
you need the free Acrobat reader available here:   


KJERSTI ALVEBERG may be Norway's best known choreographer. I designed her Web-site.

 visit Kjersti Alveberg

This is a one-page Web-site. Just a photo, her CV, her signature. That's all.

  • Client: Kjersti Alveberg
  • Published: November -98
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: Plain HTML, CSS

 US version  

 NEW! These sites are are both about about self- and company development, organizational fitness and psycotherapy.
They were developed for two separate clients with common interests. They share the same overall design: A simple, yet effective approach.

 visit Institutt for Person-sentrert Konsultasjon

 UK English Version  Dual version  

 visit Bedriftspsykologisk Rådgivningstjeneste/ Institutt for Funksjonell Psykoterapi

 Norwegian version  

This site illustrates the minimal approach:
MAP NORGE AS wanted just a point of presence on the Net. Therefore, this site consists of only two pages.

 visit MAP Norge

This approach should appeal to more companies. My first question to any client: Why the Net?
A small, point-of-presence site is often the best solution for small companies with no business objectives on the Net.

  • Client: MAP Norge AS
  • Published: February -99
  • Responsibility: Total
  • Main technology: Plain HTML

 Norwegian version  

NORCONSULT is Norway's largest engineering consulting company:

 visit Norconsult

This is a 100 pages+ site which comes in both an English and a Norwegian version.

  • Client: Riddlers Interactive
  • Published: April -98
  • Responsibility: Navigation structure, Code
  • Main technology: CSS, ASP
  • Best with: IE3+

This design is Beyond My Control: The site is supported/updated by the client

 Dual version  

 Something special:   

 the videowall
A full-screen Video Wall - even from your IE3 browser.
Good photography.
(and they said it couldn't be done?..)


  The Internet solution
goes like this:

You're at point A and you've got a message you need to get to point Z. You write your message, which of course to the computer is nothing but a long string of zeros and ones. When you send it, it gets splintered off into little packets, little pellets shot out into the network. Each of these packets has an address written at the front of it: point Z. These things go bouncing around more or the less in the direction of point Z, but not directly. On purpose. This is the beauty of the design.
David Hudson at rewired

I never said building Web-sites was easy.

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